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A Biographical Dictionary of al-Andalus.

    A who's who, as it were, because sometimes it is hard to keep track!

    The listing shall be as follows: Common name. Full name. Dates: b. birth, d. died, r. reigned, a. active). Geographic region, if significant. Works, if any, and other such sundry information as necessary to say why we should care about who this person is. Cross-links to bibliography, as applicable for poets, historians, etc. Note that "al" is not being considered for alphabetizing, but "Ibn" is.

    Ibn 'Abd Rabbih. d. 940. Poet and anthologist. He is best known for the work 'Iqd al-Farid (The Precious Necklance).

    Ibn al-Arabi. d. 1240. Poet.

    Ibn Quzman. d. 1160. Poet.

    Ibn Shuhaid. d. 1009. Poet, most famously known for a lament about the civil wars which destroyed Cordoba.

    Ibn Zaidun. b. 1003 - d. 1070. Poet, most famously known as the jilted lover of Wallada.

    al-Mansur. d. 1002. Regent during the reign of Hisham II.

    al-Mu'tamid. Abad III. b?r? 1069 - d. 1091. Sevilla. King and poet.


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